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The NCTE is committed to providing leadership in tertiary education by advising government and all relevant institutions to enhance access, quality, equity, relevance and governance.

A major Goal of SALT Phase 2 will be to train and orient Council members and heads of department of universities (public and private) to better understand their roles and responsibilities.

The objectives of the project include the following:

To equip council members with the tools and skills to enable them to better understand and interpret institutional accounts and audit reports;

To train councils in their broad roles and responsibilities in terms of

Legal, administrative and oversight; and

Fiduciary, strategic and generative;

To take council members through a self-review exercise as a way of identifying how to evaluate their performance;

To take council members through a self-review exercise as a way of identifying how to evaluate their performance;

To guide selected Heads of Department to identify their roles and responsibilities as: leaders, managers, faculty developers and scholars, emphasizing MPhil and PhD supervision.


As part of the expected outcomes, criteria for the appointment of Council members would have been developed; council members and HOD’s would have been equipped with the knowledge and skills to facilitate the performance of their duties and responsibilities. Specifically,

That bodies represented on University Councils would have had the benefit of the criteria to be developed to nominate representatives who fit the defined criteria;

That Council members would have gained a better understanding of their work, asking the right questions, reading up materials and making useful contributions that reduce tension and advance the good health of the institutions;

That the project would have enhanced capacity of HOD’s and led to improvement in teaching, learning, research and academic leadership at the level of the department where the bulk of the university activities take place.

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