8TH Africa Centers of Excellence Phase I

Project Steering Committee Meeting and 5thWorkshop - Accra, Ghana, 16thto 19thMay 2016.

The Africa Higher Education Centre of Excellence (ACE) Project, is a World Bank sponsored initiative aimed at promoting regional specialization in disciplinary fields (such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Health, and Agriculture) that address regional development challenges, as well as facilitating the delivery of high quality training and applied research, and meet the skills demand of the regional labour market. 

Phase I of the ACE Project focuses on countries in West and Central Africa, while Phase II focuses on countries in Eastern and Southern Africa. The ACE Project has two main components. Component 1 seeks to strengthen the capacity of 22 competitively selected institutions as centres of excellence to deliver regional and quality training and applied research, in partnership with regional and international academic institutions and industry related organizations. Under Component 2, the objective is to support regional capacity building activities, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and develop regional policies. In addition, to boost regional collaboration and strengthen higher education institutions, support will be provided to The Gambia so that its institutions can purchase education services from the centres of excellence established under Component 1.

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